Who are we

Abax Travel is the result of a passion for travel, a long standing expertise in the hospitality industry, a strong motivation for excellence and the restless search for the most fantastic destinations and travel experiences.

We are reference in South America in the art of organizing unique travel experiences for some of the world’s most demanding markets. Since 2001 we offer the best solutions to our clients, a perfect combination of creative trips, efficient and with the best value for money, generating long term relations based on trust, which allow us to consolidate as one of the most reputable travel companies in Argentina

We have offices downtown Buenos Aires, the US and Israel. An excellent team of professionals who day after day commit themselves to ensure our clients get total satisfaction.

Whether you are looking for a special venue for your company’s annual meeting, a luxury isolated retreat, an active holiday or a deep cultural immersion in South America, Abax Travel has the savoir-fair to tailor-make your dream vacation with flair and devotion.Our main goal is to create memorable travel experiences for our exclusive clientele…Trips beyond imagination.

Our Goals

Acting as our client’s local partner

Generating good value for money in a highly competitive environment.

To be a step ahead of the competition

Our Mission

To provide the most efficient travel solutions to our clients by exceeding their expectations.

Our Vision

We project ourselves leading the new trends of the travel industry, capable of satisfying our clients’ most special needs, incorporating technology but without losing the human touch whilst actively promoting respect for the environment, a fair society, the development of tourism as means of education, jobs creation and a culture of  peace and understanding.

Our Values


we aim to gain total confidence and loyalty from our clients through a strong commitment to ethics, honesty and respect.


we love to innovate and taking the initiative to create beautiful trips.


we work hard and in deep cooperation among all departments involved with responsibility and discipline.


we empathize with our clients, partners, providers and communities we operate, with care and humbleness.