Who are we

Abax Travel is a modern wholesale travel company, made up of a team of experts who share a great passion for travel, many years of experience in the hospitality industry, a strong motivation for excellence and the permanent search for destinations and the most fascinating travel experiences in our region.

Our service meets the highest international quality standards, in which comprehensive advice prevails to guarantees our clients the most appropriate and innovative proposal and the best price-quality ratio. We provide 100% personalized attention throughout the entire process before, during and after the trip.

For more than 20 years we have been a benchmark in the art of organizing exceptional trips in the Southern Cone for a select portfolio of global clients. Our offer of destinations ranges from the vast Patagonia, the wine routes, the Puna de Atacama and the Bolivian altiplano, to the Lençóis Maranhenses, the Amazon, heritage towns and the most cosmopolitan cities in South America.

Our operations center is located in the city of Buenos Aires, a few steps from the Obelisk, and we have first-line suppliers in all the destinations we operate and commercial representation in the United States, Israel, and Europe. We organize luxury travel, honeymoons, culinary and wine trips, ecotourism, incentive programs, adventures and much more.

Our main goal is to create memorable travel experiences for our exclusive clientele…travels beyond imagination.

Our Goals

Acting as our client’s local partner

Generating good value for money in a highly competitive environment.

To be a step ahead of the competition

Our Mission

The Mission of the Abax Travel team is to design the most extraordinary trips for our clients, with the highest standards of quality, safety, fully committed to the communities in which we operate and to caring for the environment.

Our Vision

We project ourselves leading the new trends of the travel industry, capable of satisfying our clients’ most special needs, incorporating technology but without losing the human touch whilst actively promoting respect for the environment, a fair society, the development of tourism as means of education, jobs creation and a culture of  peace and understanding.

Our Values


we aim to gain total confidence and loyalty from our clients through a strong commitment to ethics, honesty and respect.


we love to innovate and taking the initiative to create beautiful trips.


we work hard and in deep cooperation among all departments involved with responsibility and discipline.


we empathize with our clients, partners, providers and communities we operate, with care and humbleness.

Our Team

Guillermo Fernández

Managing Director

Passionate about travel and languages since he was a young boy, Guillermo has traveled to more than 50 countries around the world collecting hundreds of experiences, adventures and anecdotes. He has been Cabin Crew and Customer Service Trainer for British Airways, he drove across South America on a classic Land Rover Serie2, and he crossed the Patagonian Andes a couple of times on mountain bike. Among his favorite places in the world are the Amazon rainforest, Patagonia, the Greek Islands, Southern Italy and the Caribbean. He enjoys sharing a good wine and a good meal with friends, Brazilian music, opera, dancing salsa and tango.

Daniela Busson Ibarra

Chief Finantial Officer

In love with tourism and finance, she has dedicated herself for more than 20 years to taking care of the numbers to improve performance, prioritizing excellence in service. Her place in the world is without a doubt one that has snow. She loves the Swiss Alps, Scandinavia, and in Argentina, Bariloche is her must-see destination. She enjoys life outdoors, a good family picnic, delicious homemade food and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Verónica Spina

Sales Executive

Her place in the world is Scotland and in Argentina is the lakes region in Northern Patagonia, especially in autumn and spring. Vero is passionate about reading and fond of theater, cooking and traditional archery.

Carlos Tahuil

Sales Executive

Charly spends his time and money traveling. There is nothing more enriching than exploring new places, taking pics of something really special and sharing with a different culture. His place in the world is Verona, a city with which he fell in love at first sight like Romeo, and in Argentina the Glaciers National Park in Southern Patagonia, which beauty is hard to describe. His hobbies are related to photography, travel, sports and being an active Boca Juniors fan.

Wanda Saade

Sales & Marketing

Wanda keeps saying that ``traveling is to live`` and that every year a new place must visited. Wan finds it difficult to decide which is her favorite place in the world as she loves the beaches of Brazil and the Caribbean, the beauty of European cities, and especially the ancient world and the Mediterranean: Italy, Greece and Israel. In Argentina her place is the fascinating jungle in the Province of Misiones with the impressive Iguazu Falls. Wanda is a fan of gastronomy, cinema and theater.

Yohanna Velázquez

Product Assistant

For Yoha traveling is a meeting with oneself in the middle of an encounter with others. It’s discovering the world beyond the horizon. Traveling is leaving with a light suitcase and coming back with an overweight luggage, full of memories and anecdotes. Her place in the world is New York at Christmas and in Argentina she is fascinated by the city of Buenos Aires and escaping to the country in summer. In her free time, she enjoys going out with friends or taking time to write, cook, dance, edit and design photos.

Romina Soracco


Romi has been a travel fanatic from a young age and she loves to explore different places each time she travels. Her place in the world is Greece. In Argentina she is fascinated by the Northwest, especially Cafayate, for its peaceful rhythm and its delicious wines. Romi is very well humored, she loves romance novels, thrillers and dancing, dancing.

Mai Geisman

Product Analyst

For me traveling is always an adventure, exploring new places in depth, its people, its customs. It is undoubtedly the best way to disconnect from the routine and renew energy. My favorite place in Argentina is the Iguazú National Park and a place in the world that arouses fascination for me is Morocco. In my free time I like to go for long walks, I love to go to art exhibitions, the cinema and get together to eat a good ‘asado’ with my friends.

Carla Parricelli

Accounting Executive

One of the things I enjoy the most in life is traveling. My motto is: 'Live a life you will remember and do what makes you happy'. And traveling makes me happy. I love mountain landscapes and doing water sports when I travel. That is why my favorite places in Argentina are Bariloche and San Martín de los Andes. My dream is to tour Europe, especially Italy and do a road trip from north to south. In addition to traveling, I love cooking pastries, dancing, listening to music and watching series.

Deborah Amistadi


I define myself as a traveling soul. Since I was a girl I have been passionate about knowing different cultures, places, learning from them and seeing what their customs are. That led me to study Tourism, a career that brought me very close to the world of travel and gave me tools to develop my passion for this industry. My favorite destination in Argentina is Iruya, a magical town in the Province of Salta, and the places that make me sigh in the world are Rome, Venice and Paris. I have the word ``Wanderlust`` tattooed, which defines my passion for traveling.

Gonzalo Carro


Traveling enriches us and makes us wiser, more human, more open. When traveling, any destination is ideal. But my preferences call me to visit Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Spain. I love Patagonia and the Argentine coast, especially Miramar, and the Uruguayan city of Montevideo. I really enjoy an afternoon at the beach with friends, a good book, listening to music and learning languages. Football is one of my passions. I’m a big fan of Boca Juniors and Manchester City.